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About the Skeptic

Rebecca (The Skeptic) is a comic book artist who can usually be found meditating, drawing or reading. If she can’t be found, that’ll be because she’s outside, hiking somewhere without phone reception as in the opening scene of so many horror movies.

As someone who spends most of her free time knee deep in it, Rebecca is passionate about anything that helps her understand the natural world. That’s one of the reasons why she writes, draws and rants at Cat endlessly about skepticism.

Skepticism is a method for assessing claims using reason and evidence, trying to figure out what’s true instead of settling for what we want to believe. The critical thinking tools Rebecca has learnt from her fellow skeptics have allowed her to see the world more clearly and get better at living in it. So you can see why she’d want to share them, right?

Rebecca’s latest comic How to be Reasonable (By Someone Who Tried Everything Else) is a primer on scientific skepticism and an introduction to the values of, and value of, being reasonable. She’s got lots more projects planned which will all revolve around the subjects of philosophy and people, but she promises they won’t be too pretentious.

Listen to our podcast diving into the depths of the Skeptic’s psyche: