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Astrology: Round 2

In this episode we are talking about astrology… again!

Apparently Rebecca’s skeptical powers were insufficient to prevent Cat’s love affair with the stars moving to second base. She’s just back from The Northwest Astrology Conference (or NORWAC as all the cool kids are calling it) and Rebecca wants to hear all the details.

If you missed our first astrology episode, you can listen to it here. That’s where we talk about what astrology actually is, how it’s supposed to work and explore some of the classic skeptical critiques. Here we are going deeper, looking at the culture and community of astrology and the varieties of beliefs under that banner.

If you’re a skeptic wondering ‘how do people get into astrology?’ or if you’re an astrology enthusiast wondering ‘why won’t skeptics leave us alone?’ this episode will enlighten you.

Exploring esoteric, paranormal and spiritual topics from two completely different perspectives it’s The Seeker and The Skeptic.


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