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In this episode Rebecca plans to ruin Cat’s day by convincing her astrology isn’t a super-reliable method for seeing the future. We look at our astrological charts to see how accurate and useful we find them and test if Rebecca’s partner can guess who’s is who’s.

We discuss a YouTube video Skeptic Michael Shermer vs. Jeffrey Armstrong Vedic Astrologer and as usual the whole topic turns out to be a lot more interesting and nuanced than either of us predicted. But will Cat delete her favourite astrology apps? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Links mentioned:

Exploring esoteric, paranormal and spiritual topics from two completely different perspectives it’s The Seeker and The Skeptic.

Skeptic Michael Shermer vs. Jeffrey Armstrong Vedic Astrologer.

China Job ads Discriminate Against Scorpio and Virgo. Telegraph.

How Astrology Took Over the Internet. NY Times.

The Real Constellations of the Zodiac. International Planetarium Society.

Why Dr. Oz’s astrology tweet was so disappointing. Vox.

The Fallacy of Personal Validation (Forer’s original paper on the Forer Effect)


  1. Astrology: Round 2 – The Seeker and the Skeptic
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    Hey girls, really enjoying some of your podcasts; it’s a nice approach to discussing these ideas.

    (Full disclosure, I’m pretty staunch skeptic with more or less all of this)

    Anyway, had a question Re: ASTROLOGY:

    The idea is that the alignment of stars and planets affect every individual’s mood, personality, and environment, depending on their position when a certain person was born.

    But if humans are so limited to the speed of light then the night sky you see is not what actually exists; what you see is an image of the past. More so, since the stars are all at hugely different distances to earth, what you see is actually collage of different ‘pasts’. Therefore you are not considering the ACTUAL positions of the stars at the time of your birth at all, thus without even considering the mechanism through which this could possibly occur, the initial claim seems fairly questionable.

    Am I missing something here…?!

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      Thank you Mat! Really great question, and one of many astrologers have to grapple with.

      The way I (Cat/Seeker) am being taught, the way astrology ‘works’ is less to do with the physical impact the celestial bodies have on us here on Earth, but to do with the relationship we have with a complex ‘map’ in the sky.

      This seems to be why astrology works regardless of whether you use the Sidereal Zodiac or the Tropical Zodiac (the latter isn’t even aligned with the actual constellations any more, and yet it produces incredible results.)

      I’m not the best at explaining this, but I recommend checking out this episode of the Astrology podcast:

      and this video from Adam Elenbaas:


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