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A Very Crowley Christmas!

This episode we have fallen under the thrall of infamous occultist Aleister Crowley AKA ‘The Beast 666’. It’s December the 1st 2019, exactly seventy two years since Crowley’s death, and yet his influence lingers on…

Crowley’s philosophy and ideas are often dismissed as crazy and/or evil but in this episode we attempt to give the devil his due. We met the people who practice the religion Crowley founded, dive deep into his biography and practice a ritual live on podcast so you at home can sense the dark energies rising.

In case that sounds a bit intimidating, listeners will be comforted to know that this episode was recorded in our Christmas pajamas shortly after consuming our first mince pies of the season.

Exploring esoteric, paranormal and spiritual topics from two completely different perspectives it’s The Seeker and The Skeptic.

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Mr Crowley, Ozzy Osbourne (our opening clip)

Living Thelema: A Practical Guide To Attainment in Alister Crowley’s System of Magic, David Shoemaker

The Book of The Law, Aleister Crowley

Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley, Richard Kaczynski

Overview of The Exclusive Brethren

Trevor Moore, High in Church

Aleister Crowley Distorted the Practice of Yoga

Pope Francis on Guardian Angels

11 Principles of Thelemites

The Orgasmic Ordeal: Sexual Magic in Thelema, Fra. In Sterquiliniis Invenitur

Document- Proof Aleister Crowley Worked For The British Government as a Spy

Strange Angel (T.V series about Jack Parsons career and involvement with the OTO)

I Have Been Wronged: Sex and Power in the OTO

Misogyny in Crowley’s writings and the Occult


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    A really nice perspective on Thelema… and good that you tackled the issues with O.T.O. – I wrote extensively about it on my website, which I linked here.

    Please reach out if you have more questions, as unfortunately it’s time to fully dispel the illusion that O.T.O. is truly relevant anymore.


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